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The world of IT is constantly changing and evolving, and the rapidly expanding area of cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and robotics is changing businesses as never before. More companies than ever are implementing new technologies to improve efficiency, quality and output, resulting in a re-evaluation of the roles of employees as well as organisational changes to suit these new advances.

These huge adjustments to a multitude of firms are being fuelled and supported by companies, teams and individuals who specialise in this field, and firms are growing with each new business requirement and innovation. As such, the Cognitive Computing, AI & Robotics Awards 2017 recognises the dedication, vision and innovation of those who are forever pushing the boundaries of this creative and exciting industry.

All our award programmes are based purely on merit. Once the voting has been closed, our in-house research team get set to work, reviewing the past year for each nominee. This is to ensure that each of our winners can be rest assured that their win was one that was truly deserved.

For this to be a true representation of the very best within this industry, we need your votes. Please fill out the voting form provided below to cast your vote on who you believe deserve recognition.

Cognitive Computing, AI & Robotics Awards 2017

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